• Gift Cards can only be used online at our website,
  • Gift Cards cannot be transferred to another person or account.
  • Please treat Gift Card's like cash.
  • Gift Cards Cannot be discounted by promotions or seasonal events.
  • Any purchase amounts that exceed the value of the Gift Card will require an additional method of payment for the remaining balance due.
  • Gift Cards expire 1 year after purchase, Be sure to use them before they expire.
  • Gift Card's are only provided in U.S. Dollars.
  • Your use of a Gift Card constitutes your agreement to our Terms
  • To view your Gift Card Balance, log into your Kabayare account or add a full set of items to card and click apply gift code and it will deduct the balance.
  • For more information about Store Credit, please contact Customer Care

Purchasing a Kabayare Gift Card is easy! Simply click here to be directed to our Gift Card page. Once there, fill out the form with the recipient's name and email as well as the amount of the Gift Card and an optional personal message. Once you have finished the form, click the Add to Cart button. The gift card will then be added to your cart like a regular item. The recipient will receive the virtual gift card via email once you have paid for your order. Please note that all Kabayare Gift Cards are VIRTUAL, and no physical card or gift card will be mailed.

Using Your Gift Card

To use a gift card, simply enter the supplied gift card code you received by email into the Gift card or discount code box during checkout.
You will need to click "Apply" and this will apply your gift card to the order. Upon checking out, the Gift card will automatically be deducted from your total. If you do not use the entire Gift card amount the remainder will go back into your Kabayare Gift Card balance to be used on future purchases.


Caring for your Gift Card

Treat your gift card like cash, if lost or stolen we are unable to replace, redeem, modify, change the amount or code.


What happens if my gift card is declined?

You will receive an error message immediately on the website if there is a problem processing your gift card. You'll have the opportunity to enter a new card number if this happens or repeat the process with the same card after verifying you have the proper funds. If this continues to happen it may be a result of your gift card currently being depleted or finished meaning a "0" balance.