We want to welcome you to our brand as an admirer, friend, follower and as a customer of what we do here. Our Company is based out of Michigan with our main Headquarters and Distribution located in Lansing the capital city. We are a Brand that focuses on social responsibility as well as a having an emphasis on fair trade and making an economic and social development in many different regions of Africa and throughout the world with our work.

As many know Kabayare is a modest and modern fashion brand that caters to a world wide audience but, what many do not know is what goes on behind the scenes were we generally take a portion of all sales from every year to donate to our program that works on helping the orphans, the needy, and working closely with non-profit organizations to to make changes in our global community. Each year we make strides to change the way we view our self's as well as how we make a lasting impact on the lives of others. Our manufacturing practices are "100% child labor free" " non sweatshop " we only work with approved manufacturing vendors within the USA, UAE, and CHINA.

These practices allow us to follow the correct guidelines to maintain our social and moral responsibilities as individuals, families, communities, society and ultimately as a company. Kabayare Only works with approved vendors that maintain a proper Licensing, Employee management, and quality of service.

Kabayare Fashion is founded by and continues to be lead by Islamic Values as well as a strong emphasis on Iman(Faith) and Deen al(The way of life) Islam which allows the thought process for all decisions to be made with the proper attention to detail and careful curation. We are happy that you have found us and hope you enjoy all of the lovely items as well as being part of changing others life's when ever you shop with us online or when you look at your favorite dress knowing that it has impacted someones life in a positive way besides your own. With much love and care, Kabayare Staff and & Founders.