We have now started as a company to look deeper into the lives of our global community and finding a cause that could use our help. We always wanted to help contribute to our community and we are now involved and doing just what we set out to do 

"by giving an annual % of every purchase made at Kabayarefashion.com and donating it to the needy"

Our customers can feel a personal satisfaction knowing that they have helped a needy individual when they purchase from us and have donated to good cause. We here at Kabayare Fashion like the rest of the world plan to do our part in changing lives as we continue to grow and show our commitment to our customers.

1) How much we donate per Order?

   - when you purchase online between 2-10% of your purchase will go to supporting someone in need with no extra charge to you. There are Tens of Millions of children who go with out food and die from hunger, we are putting forth our effort to provide for the needy and orphans.

2) Who our donations help?

   - Kabayare Fashion donations go to the the source, and help individuals were it is deeply needed. We strive to help provide life changing food and essentials for the people in desperate need as well as clothing and shelter.

3) Our whole mission on helping?

   - Today and tomorrow we will be here providing food, clothing, and shelter through our unique strategy and allowing customers who shop with us to feel the participation in helping there global community. Take your time to sit and to reflect on the impact that we are having and the impact we are trying to achieve with your help as well.